A 2-month-old puppy fell 50 feet

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A 2-month-old puppy fell 50 feet down into a dry well and spent at least 2 days alone and scared before a few young children heard her fervently crying and got a neighbor to call our helpline.

It was already evening when we received the call and pitch black when we arrived at the open well. Our rescuers could just make out the form of a little puppy at the bottom of the well by flashlight but could see that she was alive. It being night, it was too dangerous to attempt rescuing her until the next morning, so we lowered down a small bucket of water and food.

When we arrived first thing the next morning our biggest concern was that she must be paralysed from the fall. Our rescue team lowered Ganpat down into the well and what he found at the bottom was a huge surprise. Not only was the little angel NOT paralysed, but she was wagging her tail in delight and relief. Ganpat gently picked her up and she very sweetly let him carry her with him back up to the top.

Her beautiful eyes glistened with hope and happiness at being held and now safe.

We brought her back to the Animal Aid shelter to have our veterinarian examine her and make sure there weren’t any injuries that we hadn’t missed. She aced the test!

Watch the video above to join us in her rescue and to see the big surprise she had no idea was coming.
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  • Huong Pham

    Such a great accomplishment. Thank you so much guys. We appreciate your kind and humanity work.

    Nancy (Huong Pham)

  • Gloria

    Ganpat the hero! Thank you. And too the loving adopter as well.

  • Jan

    Lovely story, and what a sweet-looking dog! It’s great to know that she will have such a nice new family. You are doing wonderful work.

  • lilly deras

    I love this people

  • Daniella Wates

    Ah !! Wow !!
    You guys are amazing . Really would love to help out , one days soon. You guys are awesome . Love from Australia .

  • Sophia Turchetti

    This is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work! I’d love to one day help with this organization. With love from America!

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