800 km didn’t stop Trudy D’Souza

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Trudy's father and brother came to Udaipur when she moved here to visit Animal Aid and see what her new life looks like!

800 km didn’t stop Trudy D’Souza (25) from pursuing her dream of helping animals. She’s come all the way from Nagpur, Maharasthra, to join Animal Aid’s team as our Public Relations Officer.

Trudy has worked in communications and her friendly, attentive and helpful nature is exactly what we need at Animal Aid to encourage involvement from Udaipur locals and guide volunteers and animal lovers in animal protection.

We’ve asked Trudy what she is looking forward to now that she’s changed her life towards animal protection? Here’s her answer, in her own words:

“Humane Education. I’m happy that I will be able to help people understand that there’s another world out there that they probably haven’t thought about yet. And I want to make a meaningful difference in the world by giving time, energy and patience. I want to put a lot of myself into this.

At my old jobs I always liked the people, but I didn’t feel a deep down satisfaction with the contribution I was making to the world in general. I knew that I wanted to do something bigger.

When I came to Animal Aid for the first time, I knew that I wanted to come back full time.

Working in Animal Aid seems like a right fit, it’s added meaning in my life in a very different way than I could even imagine at first.

My parents supported whole-heartedly my decision to leave my family home but some of my friends don’t fully understand yet. Very few of my friends were able to get why I wanted to do this because they probably had never really thought about what animals have to go through. And many of them don’t know what a shelter even does.

But if their situation had been different maybe a couple of my friends would have even come with me. They were happy for me because they knew I always wanted to do this and finally I’ve got the chance.”

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  • zoe alvares

    It is very heartening to see that some people go ahead and follow their dream…….and even more so when that dream is helping our dumb fellow inhabitants of this planet. I have seen extreme cruelty towards these beautiful creatures. The lack of compassion towards animals is sadly very apparent in our country. We as parents and teachers need to change this trend. I am happy to see that Trudy has started this wonderful and rewarding journey. God Bless Trudy.

  • Audrey Dsouza

    Way to go TRu! Dad, Brett and I are so proud of you Trudy 🙂
    Thank you to the lovely people there – Jim, Erika, Claire and all the others who are trying to make your stay there a comfortable one too…

  • ruella dsouza{cuzin of trudy's 4rm nagpur

    hie…yeah trudz congo atlast uv reachd whr u want 2….v r all vry happy 4 u…continue 2 giv ur best…..best wishes n gud luck 2 ur entire team…gud job guys….tc

  • Katherine Gregory

    Wonderful! from when she was little, Trudy has loved animals and has always talked about working with them. That she is finally being able to see this dream come true is great and knowing Trudy as I do she will give it her ALL! Good luck Trudy enjoy your new venture.

  • Althea MaGee

    Great work Trudy. We are all very proud of you. Hope to see you on the international scene soon.
    pursue your dream and you will get there. Come DOwn Under!
    Love Atta, Darrell, karen , Dan and Shadow and Audrey

  • Charlene DSouza

    I know you’re enjoying your work immensely, and that’s how it should be!
    Luv ya,

  • Stephanie Ellis

    Finally ,we have our own version of Menaka Gandhi in Trudy D’Souza from Nagpur! If you are happy in your choice then who is anyone to comment otherwise. Your happiness in being where you are reflects a genuine fondness for God’s creatures who most often than not are ill treated by none other than God’s superior creation- Man! I’m glad the speechless ones have a champion in you, Trudy.Keep up the good work ! Work is worship and I am proud to know you.

  • Dilshad

    I am so glad to see that you are enjoying your self and finally you get to do what you love !! I am really really happy for you and though we all here miss you terribly we are very very proud of you. Wishing you all the best and hope this goes on to be everything you wanted !
    Loads of Love and Hugs
    Dil 🙂

  • Alyssa DSouza

    Hey Trud,
    I’m so happy for u girl!! U made the right choice, i realy believe u did. I was so excited 2 c ur pic on the website. Doing some great work Truds.. Miss u guys so much… take care and all the best..

  • L. Christopher Coutinho

    Thats the way TRUDY !!! Keep going … … and maybe , someday, you’ll be Dr Do’lotMORE than Dr Dolittle !

  • vijay

    Good to meet you. Your approach to the growling/fighting dogs was amazing.

  • Prath

    Hey There 🙂

    Well , I Couldn’t Resist myself to say That You Have A Pure Heart With Lodsa Softness.
    Omg , You are so pious towards your work , Love for the “Animals” is indeed Appreciable and YEY !! Its Encouraging me too . 😀
    Keep up the Good work. And yes i will Join You for sure , Anyhow !!
    Good Luck 🙂

    ~ Prath ~

  • Jennifer

    Hey Truds…
    Am so glad to see that you are doing exactly what you have wanted to do since ur were a lil one… I mirror your love and empathy for animals and really wish i could help in some way– lemme know…
    All the best to you… will visit netx time i come to Udaipur..

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