10 animal rescues that will restore your faith in humanity!

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“I’m not alone!” It’s not just what the desperate animal feels, but what the rescuers feel too when so many wonderful people rush in to help. These 10 thrilling street animal rescues in Udaipur, India, capture the beautiful and repeated moments when the best of a community rises up and shines like a galaxy of goodness — for no reason other than to respond to the cries of someone vulnerable, someone frightened, someone trapped in horror. That these “someones” are animals is all the proof anyone should need that humanity is not only greed and self-interest. We are one–with each other–and each other includes the precious lives of animals. And we CAN be good. We can be GREAT. Just watch!

Donate to join Animal Aid’s rescue team and save the street animals of India.

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  • louisa m byrd

    All i can say is that you all so much for the amazing things that you do for these beautiful babies. I pray that the Lord will bless Animal Aid Unlimited India and everyone who is a part of this great rescue mission. Thank God for each of you. Love you all.???

  • Christine Allcock

    You are a fantastic rescue organisation. I can’t donate at the moment but will keep following your rescue stories.

  • jeanette

    good people, I send a few dollars every once in a while, I hope it helps

  • Honour

    You wonderful human beings! You do restore my faith in humanity, over and over again. Blessings to all of you. I send an appreciative donation whenever I can.

  • B

    Dios los bendiga grandemente¡

  • Susanne Berg

    YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Love you and your work!

  • Glen Burks

    Great job I donate periodically, and hope to come visit and volunteer some time in the future

  • M.V.G.Krishna

    After watching all these videos I. myself, feeling how useless I am. I, at least, now wake up and start doing something good like this to earn a place in the heart of GOD.

  • karen hood

    You guys are amazing humans beings. Thank you for all you do. I donate $15 a month and hope this helps in some way to alleviate the suffering. Am going to change my Will and leave you as much as possible from it. I love you all !!!!

  • Katie capper Cox

    Love love love these people !! I hope I can visit their rescue centre one day and yes I donate as and when I can !!
    Thank you so much for your love for these animals xx

  • Terry Jensen

    I love the fact that YOU exist…keep up the good work….we are the keepers of innocent and vulnerable. It is a shame that your beautiful country is so hazardous to so many living things…so many pits and place that even children are so at risk of getting trapped in. I realize the enormous burdens that your country has to bare and the so over populated areas. I would love in my life time to see a great change in your country.

  • Resa Thiry

    You guys are beautiful! Thank you

  • Paul Kerry

    Thank God people like you exist in a world full of selfishness and disregard for life.

    Mother Nature loves you.

  • Tammy

    They all made me cry; but, I’m so happy I watched them all! It’s just incredible to see and feel good about donating to such organizations

  • Serena Tang

    A big thank you to you lovely people! I can imagine how difficult it is to care for animals in a world where humans are sometimes ignored… You guys are doing God’s work! So many videos make me cry…I donate whenever I can and I hope one day I can join you to show my love in action.

  • Kim

    You are so inspirational!! I LOVE what you do!

  • maggie geddes

    You are all gifts from God in rescuing these innocent Animals who without you would die horrific deaths alone and never knowing human kindness. I love you all at AAU. I donate when I can.

  • Sylvia Barnes

    Keep up your wonderful work caring for animals who need help. I will donate when I can and tell others of your amazing dedication to alleviating suffering.

  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    Its always so touching thanks youy thanks God you are ANGELS

  • nainika

    great people do such great works now a days people don’t think about the other person next door you do such great job for those speechless beings its great to have people like you around who are true human beings.

  • Julia Hoercher

    I am so thankful for what you do. All the desperation, pain, sadness and certain death – but you fight against it with compassion, care and love. I will go on donating as much and as often as I’m able to. I love you! 🙂


    You r doing a veey good job in todays for these animals. Keep doing for their sake

  • muriel escop

    as usual all your work is great ! animals are angels of this planet with people of your association so wonderfull! long life to you all

  • Jean-nic H

    I am so grateful for the love, care and kindness you give them.
    I admire your work and devotion.
    Thank you.
    I hope to come to volunteer one day soon.

  • Imre Varga

    Thank you so much for your hard work. With out your organization many many more animals would suffer needlessly.

  • G siva teja

    You are doing an​ excellent job.i love it.

  • Saunak Saha

    You guys just rock.a big thank you to all of you / TEAM 🙂

  • Melvina Black

    I may be only 16 but the future I wanna follow you in your path. I cry watching these because Ikno me and many others care for animals all over the world and I wanna say thanks you for what you guys are doing ?

  • dev

    your team are god for the animal

  • B Young

    All of you at Animal Aid have such beautiful hearts. May God bless you.

  • Nora

    I want to hug all of you! You are such an Amazing persons. Everyone should see how amazing you are!

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