10 amazing life-saving rescues

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When street animals get into hazardous, life-threatening situations the Animal Aid rescue team swings into gear with a never-give-up attitude.

Whether trapped at the bottom of an open well, or stuck in a sewage drain, our determined rescue team jumps in to save animals from what would otherwise be a horrible fate.

Please donate to support life-saving street animal rescues. We’re their only hope.

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  • Katrina

    Wow, Animal Aid. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Eli

    Amazing people !!! Great job, Thank you on behalf of animals

  • Lynn Arroyo

    I subscribed after my son saw a video on YouTube about the dog who grew his face back.
    Your organization is incredible. Thank God for people that help animals. God Bless Animal Aid !
    I have donated twice already and will again
    Lynn Arroyo

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