What We Do

Animal Aid Unlimited runs a vital emergency rescue service for street animals—dogs, cows, donkeys, birds, and cats—in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Our rescue team respond to up to 20 calls every day, rescuing animals with fractures, spinal injuries, wounds, skin problems, and other diseases.

Rescued animals are brought back to our shelter where they are treated by our medical team and care-givers. We perform emergency surgeries as well as spay/neuter. On any given day we treat around 150 recovering animals in our shelter.

For rescued animals who are permanently disabled or too fragile to be returned to their neighborhood, they are welcomed home in Animal Aid’s sanctuary.

Street Animal Rescue


Animal Aid runs a busy helpline and rescue service for injured and ill ownerless street animals in Udaipur. Each year we respond to more than 3,500 calls reporting animal suffering, with cases ranging from a puppy with mange, a cow hit by a car, a dog with a maggot-infested wound, to a case of abuse. Without our rescue service, these animals would receive no care and their suffering would be immeasurable. But after nearly 12 years of popularizing rescue, Udaipur is now one of the best cities in India to be a street animal.



Wound dressing, fluid therapy, antibiotics, pain medication, physical therapy, medicated baths, emergency surgery, and a big dose of love: Every day 150+ animals receive life-saving treatment in Animal Aid’s Hospital. Our medical team of veterinary surgeon and nurses give desperately needed relief to Udaipur’s fallen angels.

Spay & Neuter

spay & neuter

Animal Aid Unlimited has sterilized dogs rescued for injuries and illnesses since inception, but increases in public awareness have meant we rescue more dogs than ever before.



When one of the animals we rescue is so badly injured that even after recovering she is too fragile or disabled to ever be able to fend for herself on the streets, it is one of our greatest pleasures to be able to welcome her home to a life-time of protection and care at our Sanctuary. The Animal Aid Sanctuary is home to animals permanently disabled from accidents, blind, very fragile and old animals, and those in need of long-term medical care.

Outreach & Education


Our outreach mission begins with ensuring that people across the city know what to do if they see an animal who needs medical help: call Animal Aid. Before Animal Aid, there was no ambulance or hospital for street animals, and hence no culture of helping them when they were sick or injured. Our outreach team talks in classrooms, religious and social gatherings, malls and on the street to give voice to street animal’s needs.


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