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Silver is a five-year-old boy who was born at Animal Aid along with his twin sister Bronze. Their mom, Goldie, was a feral street pig who had spent her whole life foraging for food in garbage dumps and watching in horror as her previous babies were brutally caught and sold for slaughter. She was hit by a car one day and became paralysed from the waist down. We rescued her and brought her back to Animal Aid where we treated her for pain and let her rest. We didn’t think she would survive the trauma and were considering euthanising her to relieve her of the pain and fear she was experiencing. But the very next morning when we went to give her breakfast, we were in for a surprise, an extremely adorable surprise.

piglets and mom small

She had given birth to two healthy, pink, fluffy little piglets, a boy and a girl who were enthusiastically suckling. Although Goldie still couldn’t stand, we started to see some mild improvement in the use of her hind legs. We made a mud puddle for her and the second we brought her out she was like a different creature. She rooted in the mud and her little babies, who were now a couple weeks old, copied their sweet mom.

G,S,B venturing outside small

Two weeks old, experiencing mud for the first time with their mom.

While Mom gradually became stronger and regained some use of her back legs, the two kids grew into rambunctious and curious little tikes.

Swim with Mom.

Swim with Mom.

Goldie was always weak and fragile, but she incredibly lived to see her children to adulthood and only passed away last year. Silver and his sister Bronze are both in great health and love to root for bugs in the dirt, lounge in a mud bath, and stomp around the large paddock that they share with donkeys, cows and a few dogs.

Bronze and Silver.

Bronze and Silver.


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