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Mavli is an old boy who was a street dog in a little town outside of Udaipur named…Mavli. He lived by the train tracks at the small station and had been surviving well off scraps of food left by passengers for many years, until one day, he somehow must have slipped or gotten stuck on the tracks and was stuck by the train. His front left paw was badly injured and most of his toes were severed. His back left paw was also severed and was just a stump. We were informed of this terrible accident on our helpline from a resident of the town.

Animal Aid’s ambulance can only cover the Udaipur city limits which is about a 40 square kms, but one of our nurses is from the small town Mavli and knew someone who could help. They found a small goods vehicle that could drive Mavli the dog to Animal Aid and we paid the fare.


On Jan 11 2015 a badly injured Mavli was brought in a small goods carrier from a town called Mavli, 30 kms outside of Udaipur.


Mavli photographed the moment he arrived at Animal Aid. His paw was crushed and hind foot had been severed by the train.

Over the course of 2 months Mavli’s wounds healed, he put on weight and became a happy and very loving old gentleman. He lives at Animal Aid in forever sanctuary with his friends Grace and Tar Singh in the donkey and cow paddock.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Mavli!


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