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We rescued Lance in August of 2013 when he was suffering from one of the worst owner inflicted injuries we have ever seen. Donkey owners will often “hobble” their donkeys to stop them from running away by tying a front and a back leg together with rope or plastic. When the legs are tied like this for a long time, the friction starts to rub away first at the skin and with more time, down to the muscle and even through tendons. At some point, Lance was abandoned by his owners or ran away with the rope still tightly tied on his front and back leg. The wounds had become infested with maggots and he could no longer walk.

Thankfully a passerby finally saw his agony and called our helpline to report his condition.

Watch this video of Lance as we rescued him from the street and brought him back to the shelter to remove the ropes.

Lance made a full recovery from the awful injury and is now healthy and happy in our sanctuary. He was permanently disabled from his injuries and returning him back to be a working donkey was out of the question. Your sponsorship of Lance is life-saving and enables us to give life-long protection, food, medical care and love to one of the most deserving boys.


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