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We found Kalu lying in a hole at a construction site in Udaipur on October 7, 2015. His face looked like a bomb had exploded between his forehead. The horrific gaping hole was infested with maggots that were literally eating him alive. As soon as our rescuers Ganpat and Kalu Singh brought him back to Animal Aid we decided that euthanizing him would be the best decision. But as Kalu stood there on the examining table, something in his spirit stopped us in our tracks and we knew we had to give him a chance.

So we began treatment on the most heartbreaking wound we had ever before seen.

Over the course of the next 3 months, Kalu astounded us with him strength of will, his incredible healing and all the love he had to give.

Watch the video above to join us in a recovery nothing short of a miracle.


The extensive scaring on Kalu’s face remains tender and easily hurt, and because of this, releasing him back onto the streets could be fatal for Kalu. If he were to get into a fight with another dog his face could easily become injured again and his life would be in grave danger.

With your help, we can give Kalu life-long sponsorship at Animal Aid where he will be loved, given shelter and care, food and medicine for the rest of his life.

Please sponsor Kalu today to join in his miraculous and inspiring life and give him the forever sanctuary he so deserves.


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