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We rescued dear Cheeku after he was hit by a car or a bike and suffered damage to his spine. We found him lying unable to move on the side of the road, his hind legs completely paralysed.


Cheeku didn’t stand a chance being disabled on the street. Within just a few days he would have succumbed to injuries by trying to drag himself in the road in search of food or water.

Cheeku needed several weeks of pain medication and anti-inflammitories and lots of rest. When he was strong enough we moved him into Handicapped Heaven which is where all of our amazing disabled dogs live, play, and love. What they lack in some physical abilities they make up for in playing and love. We have volunteers and staff socializing in Handicapped Heaven with all the dogs for 10 hours each day.


Cheeku loves to swim in Handicapped Heaven’s hydro-therapy pool.


Thank you so much for sponsoring Cheeku’s forever home.


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