When a beloved pet passes away, in sharing your feelings, memories and their inspiration you can also save the life of another animal at Animal Aid.

Click here to save the life of a rescued street animal in India, then send us a photo of your beloved pet and any inspirational, soulful, funny or uplifting memories (maximum 70 words) for us to share here.

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Misha Darling was my best little lady love, and a true ambassador for goodness, strength, beauty, and love. She made friends with whoever she met and was a shining example of how we all should strive to be. I will always miss her little hands on my face, and her sweet kisses and cuddles. She had such an energy and contagious sense of adventure. She radiated light and love. She truly was so perfect, and she will forever be my daemon and the light of my life. She was just one little life, but she made all the difference. Goodbye, my little love. I hope our spirits can be reunited someday. Easy breezy, my precious one.

Joy was aptly named as she gave so much joy through her love and fun nature!  She was loving, funny, fun, affectionate and so much more.  But her over-riding nature was sweetness.  Thank you Joy for everything!   I miss you so dearly, my sweet girl!  May we meet again!

Wylie, we miss you.  Miss calling your name and seeing you turn your head our way.  Thank you for 10 years of new days, ten years of you.  Flip top ears.  Such joy.

What can be said about a scruffy little dog with few teeth that perhaps was not beautiful by worldly standards, but meant the world to us? Tristan never met a stranger. Everyone was a potential friend, or at the very least, someone who might offer him a treat. He set forth his 13 lbs body as a sentinel, yet greeted anyone who approached him with a wary sniff followed by a friendly lick. He was vivacious, full of life and had an insatiable curiosity for everything around him. He made us laugh often and gave us joy always. Tristan was diagnosed with an enlarged heart not long after we adopted him. The condition progressed steadily in spite of medication and watchful care. For such a loving dog it seems fitting that his heart literally grew too big for his little body. Sadly, the gaping hole left in our hearts is vast. He loved and was loved. We will always cherish the memories and never take for granted the privilege to have spent his golden years with him. May he run and play and never experience pain again.

Our precious little Peanut girl , the best little dog ever. Thanks for 17 and a half years of love and devotion to us.

My beloved Mac was one magnificent emperor! He roamed and ruled far and beyond his territory. His charismatic persona left everyone in awe, disarmed by his grand size, beauty, and majestic yet funny personality. Mac was not only intelligent but also terribly emotional and cuddly. With his expressive eyes, gestures and intonations, he made himself utmost clear! Everyone knew that it was futile to refuse him that which he demanded. After 10 years of loving him, feeding him with his favorite gourmet food and enjoying every moment of having him in my life, he was suddenly gone, leaving me heartbroken. My Mackie Wackie, you will forever remain the pet of my life…

Jovanotti Rossi Pavan was the essence of kindness and pure love. Unfortunately, he was born with feline leukemia and passed away at a year and a half. I named him Jovanotti but he was red so we also called him Rossi. When he got very sick I blessed him with a spiritual name, Pavan, which means “the breath of God”. He and his buddy Yoga Angel used to play together and snuggle together all the time. They were the cutest kitties together.

Right from the first day she came in my life as a snowhite furball all a few weeks old, till she passed away in my arms last year, Fluffy only spread love and joy in our life. Always the energetic soul and the one to take worries and tensions away with her playfulness and sometimes cute arrogance.. I wish she is resting in peace up there and happy that I continue to take care of her friends in whatever way I can. Love you Fluffy: Aai, baba, Kalpa and Vahini friend..

Pepper came to Virginia Beach four years ago as a foster with partially paralyzed back legs. No one ever asked about adopting her, but she quickly became a beloved part of our family.  She constantly played with (and kissed) her Beagle sisters, and loved chasing squirrels while pulling her legs behind her. Pepper was always so happy, and the most gentle soul ever. Fly to the angels, sweet girl. The Jennings Family

Ciao Millo. Grazie a te molti dei miei sogni si sono avverati. Sei stato il mio amico, il mio compagno, la spalla su cui appoggiarmi nei giorni tristi…. Non dimenticherò mai quello che hai fatto per me. Io, Andrea e Lara ti ameremo per sempre. Con te se n’è andata una parte del nostro cuore. Fai buon viaggio sul ponte dell’arcobaleno. Ci mancherai per sempre. Con amore, Nicoletta.

Blessings to my sweet Tashi, who passed away on 6.15.16 at age 14+.  He was my heart and soul for fourteen years, and we shared many many wonderful days on the trail together. Here’s a pic of him relaxing during a hike last year in the Olympic Mountains in Washington state. He will indeed be deeply missed, but the best way I can honor him is to start over and give the same gift to another rescue dog. –Karla Piecuch

Everyday you miss and love your beloved best friend, Oreo.  I can’t imagine what it was like when his health was declining, but he had an abundance of help and love.  With this donation, in his name, I hope to help another animal once again feel the help and love as Oreo once felt.  We wish you happiness on your birthday. Love Oreo and Evan

On March 18, 2015, Skye left us and took a piece of all of our hearts with her. She, too, had survived on the streets.  The sweetest and gentlest dog we have ever known.  The Wilkinses

DRAGONFLY–One ear, one good eye, scars, a head dent, my hairless rescue was my companion and protector for twelve years.  He saved my life many times by alerting when my blood sugar fell too low.  I am grateful for the happiness we shared.  I will love him forever.  May this gift honor him and help relieve suffering and bring joy to the beautiful animals at Animal Aid Unlimited.  -Gloria Gordon

This is Princeton Royale, my sheltie and the love of my life. Princeton was a great friend and he lived a 11 wonderful years.  It’s crazy how in-tune Prince was with understanding every word I said to him and my every action. He was so incredibly loyal and never had to be called or disciplined.  “I’ll see you again someday Prince…”  Love Mommy