Transformation of a street dog whose spirit was broken

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Our rescue team found her lying in a heart-broken little ball on the side of the road. Her hip bones, rib cage and spine jutted against her paper-thin skin. She looked like she no longer believed that life could hold anything but pain and she didn’t have the strength to even stand. Pain and hunger had taken everything from her.

But now, sit forward to watch a miracle: her name is Helen.

Please donate today to give life and love to those who had given up hope.

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  • Bonita cassel

    Thank you for loving them!

  • Carmen Valenzuela

    Blessings to all of you.I TRULY WISH I can donate but I take care care of seven little animals. So please understand. BUT WHEN I have the opportunity I will donate.

  • Dian Kotsikas

    This is the only animal rescue that I really love and I have been trying to get just this one but instead others come up on my site. I’m trying to get specifically just to be on your website .

  • Dian Kotsikas

    What is moderation ?

  • Shirley Nicholas

    Bless you all for the love and caring you show defenceless animals. You work miracles. I have donated before and I will donate again.

  • Carmen Valenzuela

    Bless all staff at animal aid

  • nazanin

    You are heroes .You brought tears into my eyes again.I am so proud of you and wish you get rewarded for all that you’re doing.Helen was an incredible story of hope!!!!

  • joan silaco

    Your men that pick up the wounded animals are to be commended! I never saw such care and expertise in their handling of the injured animals. Their devotion is shown in all the work they do.

  • Phillip

    You wonderful caring souls Bless you so much for helping these poor sad little helpless creatures get well and have a much better chance at life.

  • Donnaa Damzelle

    thank you for being there, ive donated before, and try to do so when i can spare it, being a pensioner, state pension, its not very much you see, and whilst i watched to help and healing of those 2 beautiful cows honey ad bee, i was using one of 2 of my ID’s Wisdom Offered this time around, time before Kerrie Grant, though you know me on my paypal payment, in my own name Donnaa Damzelle GOD BLESS YOU and your in my Prayers, Love n Hugs Donnaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Donna pothier

    I love all of you….. You take care of the sickest and never give up… I have read many of your rescues….. what would these dogs do without you!! I will be donating and will continue to follow…. You really are angels for these animals there….

  • June Kershaw

    I am at a loss for words at the work you do both rescuing animals and awakening the desire to help in the local population, you are my charity of choice and I will donate as I am able, bless you all

  • Fiona Ingram

    I cried though this whole video. Thank you for giving this lovely old girl a chance to live out her days happy, healed and loved!

  • Kathy

    I am so hapoy for people like you thst help these poor innocent dogs left to die and no homes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Alix Burnett

    Beautiful people. I am so thankful for what you do. I will be in a position soon to offer a regular donation. Thank you again for helping these innocent and loving souls.

  • Nicole Meyer

    I bless all of you guys and girls for the magnificent work you do for these poor animals

  • Julie Angus-Webster

    Thank you for being there for them. Sadness turns to happiness.

  • Maureen

    Well done for giving every single one a chance. Just been in tears watching you save Helen. Who would have thought she was savable and such an old lady. I have donated before and have just given again without hesitation . Thank you for doing what you do and long may you continue.

  • Kimberly

    God bless all of you and the work you do! Thank you for rescuing and loving these animals!

  • Lynne

    I doubt that I would ever be able to come to India but if I ever you, I will come visit all of you, angels, every one.

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