Terrified dog stuck for hours in an iron gate

A terrified dog had tried to squeeze through the narrow bars of an iron gate, possibly to get out of the rain, and had gotten terribly stuck. He simply couldn’t pull his hips through the bars, and had been struggling, possibly for hours.
There was defecation  all over the steps making us believe that the gate may have been unlocked and swinging out over the steps as he struggled to free himself for possibly hours.
His forlorn little face looking back at us through the bars with pleading eyes was absolutely heartbreaking. Neighbors and passersby knew he was in distress but was afraid he would bite them if they went to help.
As soon as our rescuers climbed over to the other side they found that he was very sweet and docile, and seemed to trust us as we gently lifted him from both sides and slowly pushed his hips through the bars. Luckily it only took a few seconds to get him through the bars. Because he had mange, we brought him back with us to the shelter to heal his skin.
After getting several medicated baths and mange treatments we also neutered him. In just 12 days he has put on quite a bit of weight and is looking just gorgeous.
Thank you so much for supporting our street animal rescues and making transformations like his possible.
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  • Fran Kemmer

    These kindnesses give me hope for Mankind

  • Rebecca

    Such kind people in such difficult circumstances. Thank you!

  • Brenda Bradbury

    I wish all people could see the importance of making room and having compassion for animals in their lives. Your hard work and devotion warms my heart. Thank you.

  • Sonia Nautiyal

    Hatsoff to what u guys are doing… Mankind still exists.. what you doing no one else can do.. you guys are great… whatever i can do to help you i will do.

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