Rescue of an inseparable injured mama and baby cow

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This beautiful mama street cow and her baby were together in suffering and together in happiness after they were rescued and helped. Bee, (the mama) looks like she was struck a blow by a sharp object. Her adorable little boy, Honey, was the victim of cruel neglect—he outgrew a rope tied and forgotten around his neck. They might have escaped a cruel owner—we don’t know how their story began, but we know how it has unfolded: with joy. Cows are emotional. Watch these inseparable sweethearts.

Donate now, because whether dog or donkey, cat or cow, all animals are precious.

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  • Valerie Sumner

    Wednesday 2nd August 2017 my DarlingJersey Cow died,only 8 years old, im mortified, she had been fine when I fed her as she always was such a dear, I had bought her from a dairy here in south Australia, they had taken her horns off pulled them with a horn puller, had a terrible job trying to save her life she was only about 2 mths old. she had maggots all in her cranium, luckily all were removed and she was saved. Dairies do not care calves are just a means to get milk from the Mothers. All sad here I was born in England,much kinder there, the farms provide large shelters against the weather, but not here, I love all animals and yes even wild Rats, everything has a Soul and a life. I do not eat anything that had eyes,or limbs,or feathers or fins. and I live im 75 now and have many animals including horses, two are Stallions whom I bred from mares saved from slaughter, they are Thoroughbreds. I think you all are Angels, Bless you all .

  • Shirley Nicholas

    Bless your hearts for the love and care you give to all animals.

  • nancy

    after animals are treated, do they stay at your sanctuary or do you release them back to the street? i love you guys for all you do for ANY animal

  • Judith Graves

    Bless you and thank you for all you do – not the least of which is to convince me that I do want to be a strict vegetarian. Thank you, again.

  • Janardhan

    It’s really good job you are doing guys. You are the part of god who are saved the life of such inocent animals. God blessed you friends, I would like to join with you and work with you to help this lovely animals. Most of peoples look after to other people but you guys look after this animals.

    Please let me know, how I would joim with you.

  • Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown

    Gosh! You are just angels! Am always so moved by your blogs. The love that emanates from the ‘being’, the founding motivation, of Animals Aid Unlimited, is almost tangible, even through electronics. I can’t wait for the time when I can come to India and volunteer with you. I know that just by being with such outstanding human beings I will leave a better person. Thank you SO much for what you are doing.

  • Ilene

    I am so grateful for your organization. Your kindness is being watched by those that love animals as much as you do. I wish I can donate more so you can help more but I will again in the future. Your job is so needed please keep doing what you are doing. I try to help in my way. I am a strict vegetarian. God Bless you all…

  • Ariana Stefan

    Thank you so much for all you do.

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