Rescue Stories

Hanging by a crane to rescue a dog trapped in a well

When we got the call that a dog had fallen into a well and was trapped at the bottom, we sent our ambulance with ropes and harness prepared to lower our rescuer Ganpat down as we always do in our [...]

Newborn kittens rescued from exhaust vent

Watch a litter of hypothermic kittens get rescued from a freezing cold exhaust vent where they had been trapped for days.

Blind dog rescued after traumatizing incident

Watch: an elderly blind dog rescued and given life-long sanctuary after a terrifying ordeal.

Dog rescued from pit at construction site

Watch just how grateful this sweet boy is to be carried out of the pit he'd been stuck in since the night before.

Donkey rescued after falling in well

Watch the life-saving rescue of a donkey who was trapped at the bottom of a well with no chance of getting out.

The best rescues of 2014!

Get ready to smile watching this action-packed round-up of 2014’s naughtiest, nicest and FASTEST rescued street animals!

A 2-month-old puppy fell 50 feet

We were sure she would be paralysed after falling so far, but we were in for a surprise!

Orphaned baby gets new mom!

Two days ago we rescued a cow who was collapsed and very ill. A few hours later she went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl. But the poor mother was so weak she couldn't even lift her [...]

Rescued after shocking abuse. Now surrounded by love.

Rescued on February 9th with a clutch wire running through her mouth, tied behind her head, Grace was collapsed, starved and severely dehydrated. We are posting daily updates on Grace's progress [...]

Meet the angels in Handicapped Heaven

Handicapped Heaven is a lively corner of Animal Aid that forever changes views on disabled animals and "hopeless" cases. Go ahead, you try to convince the joyous and earnest sweethearts who [...]

Update: Puppies help in Tony’s miracle recovery!

Tony, rescued just three weeks ago with a severed leg and gashed face, is making an incredible recovery after two surgeries. But we can't take all the credit. We have a group of little angel [...]

Kissed by a calf

By Erika Abrams, AAU Co-Founder I spent 30 minutes cuddling a rescued bull calf at our shelter this morning who touched my heart with his search for closeness and comfort. In addition to [...]

A welcome home for angel family

Our final happy-ending update on amazing mom and adopted pups: After she accepted her new puppies, it took a week to treat her for the infection related to her stillbirths. Today the little [...]

Love at first sight for orphaned puppies and lonely mother

A gravely injured mother was rescued with her six puppies. Despite bewildering pain, she had managed to stay alive and care for her newborns for 10 days on the street before someone called Animal [...]

Abused Indian donkey rescued and given sanctuary

Animal Aid was called to the rescue for an abused working donkey whose legs had been cruelly tied together with rope causing severe injury. This video follows his rescue and very first treatment [...]

Video: How did Simon, a rescued pig, learn to trust?

In the first stage, Simon and Stacey started to enjoy spending time together, sleeping closer and closer to each other, and to donkeys Stampella and TeddyBear. Within a few weeks, there was some [...]

A miracle friend for Stacey

When Stacey, our beautiful pig with paralyzed hind legs, got shifted to a paddock she shares with Stampella, the orphaned donkey filly and her companion donkey Teddy Bear, life was sweet, but we [...]

Animal Aid relieving the silent suffering of a donkey…and a man

While rescuing a donkey with a severely injured leg and high fever, Animal Aid staff members spotted a familiar figure of a mentally disturbed man who regularly sleeps on the median in the spot [...]

Recovering from Brutal Beating

On August 30th a 6-month-old street dog named "Bheem" was brutally beaten by 5-10 un-known persons in the Amba Mata area, Udaipur. He is suffering from broken legs, head injury, is unconscious [...]