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Animal Aid new final map design last

Animal Aid is proud to run one of India’s busiest emergency helpline’s for street animals. Responding to 15-25 calls every single day, many of them urgent, is a feat we accomplish thanks to our dedicated and experienced team of dispatchers and rescuers. This map is of a randomly selected day earlier this month depicting the 15 rescues of injured or ill animals and the 6 releases of healed animals of the day. The red and the blue line show the routes our two ambulances took throughout Udaipur city over a 10 hour period covering more than 160 kms. After the day is done, and all the animals are back safe at the shelter treated, fed, and loved, we wake up the next morning and start all over again.

Please donate $25 to sponsor the rescue and treatment of the next animal waiting to be saved.

Sponsor an entire day’s rescues, including treatment and loving care, for $375 / Rs. 22,500.

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  • Rachael Irwin

    I think you guys are doing an amazing job keep up the good work. Hugs from Canada

  • Dhiraj

    You all are doing great work . How Can I join animal aid .

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