Hurt to Healed

The paralysed dog who never gave up

We found him lying unable to stand with flies swarming around his enormous wound. Watch Sydney's beautiful story.

Rescue of darling street dog dying from mange

June is one of the sweetest ladies we've ever met, and she almost died from mange. See how beautiful she is today!

Puppy survives terrible case of embedded plastic string

Nancy had a piece of plastic string tied so tight around her neck it was choking her. Watch her amazing recovery!

We thought she was dead…watch her amazing recovery

She had been hit on the head and was losing consciousness when we found her. Get ready to be amazed by her incredible recovery!

Cow strangling on embedded rope rescued

Watch our rescuers refuse to give up despite this being one of the most difficult rescues ever.

A starving dog’s beautiful transformation

Perry was just days away from succumbing to starvation when we rescued him. Watch his amazing recovery.

A Mangel’s incredible recovery

A darling girl suffering from severe mange was scratching herself to death, just look at her now!

Dog rescued with deep gash

A wound that would have meant weeks of infection, pain, and possibly even death, healed in just two weeks!

Dog saved after eating rat poison

Watch this darling boy's recovery from an incredibly close brush with death after strychnine poisoning.

Terrified dog stuck for hours in an iron gate

He was stuck between narrow iron bars unable to free himself and his eyes said it all.

An unexpected friend transforms abused dog, Grace

Grace's wounds finally healed, but her spirit was broken. Watch this video to meet the unexpected friend who changed her life.

Critically injured dog healed & reunited with guardian

He lay nearly unconscious, terribly wounded, and a village woman sat beside him weeping in despair. We promised her we would do our best to bring him back.

Dog submerged in rock-solid tar rescued!

Lying almost rock solid in a pool of solidified tar, this poor dog had completely given up hope. Watch the video to see his amazing recovery after we rescued him.

Watch Grace’s incredible recovery after being abused

She is truly the epitome of Grace. The odds were stacked against her not only because of the severity of her wounds but because of the toll they took on her soul. It’s because of your [...]

Watch Tony’s full recovery after horrific injury!

Our darling boy Tony was rescued with one of the most severe injuries we have ever seen, and today he is one of the happiest boy's alive. Laban and Pinky are his best friends but he has donkey, [...]

Watch Toffee’s incredible recovery!

When we rescued Toffee, he looked more dead than alive. The side of his head was injured and had become infested with maggots that would have killed him within just a few days. Despite being [...]