Dog turned rock-solid in a tar drum rescued

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A street dog in Udaipur, India, was found trapped in a drum of tar where we believe she had been stuck and completely unable to move for several days. Animal Aid Unlimited’s rescue team found the sweet dog hyperventilating and terrified, trapped chest-deep in tar inside the drum. We think she may have gone inside the drum to get warm during the night, and that her own body heat had melted the tar which she then sank into and was unable to free herself from. When we found her she was no longer struggling and seemed to have completely given up all hope.

Unable to remove her from the drum there on the street, Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers had to bring the entire drum with her inside it in the ambulance back to Animal Aid’s shelter.

Our care-givers immediately started soaking the tar in vegetable oil and massaging it to warm it up just enough to soften it. Even getting her out of the drum was a huge challenge and took nearly an hour.

For the next several hours we continued to massage the tar and remove it from her fur.

We named the beautiful girl Asha, which means Hope in Hindi.

Please donate to save street animals in India from unimaginable suffering.

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  • Kim

    The love and patience you and your amazing staff have is truly inspirational. I am a monthly donor but I am sending a little extra after seeing this particular difficult rescue.

  • elly

    Thank you again, my dear, sweet people, i will keep helping if i can.
    Is this sweet dog staying with you for ever? I really hope so!

  • louisa byrd

    Thank you so much for this awesome rescue. She is beautiful. Thank you for saving her life. As always, it was a job well done. Did you find out how she fell in the tar. I am so glad that she survived. I thank God for all of you everyday and that he will bless everyone who is a part of Animal Aid Unlimited India. Is she going to be staying with you there, I pray so. Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone.😊🙂💖

  • Jeannine Alfieri

    It’s awfull but you are wonderfull …..I love you

  • Harsh Kalra

    Really appreciate the work you guys are doing.. I hope your NGO keeps functioning smoothly and you keep fighting the good fight! Cheers guys!

  • Shirley Nicholas

    You are the most wonderful people. Bless you all.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love of animals. You perform miracles.

  • barbara chipman

    God was on her side the day Animal Aid found her. Bless all of you.

  • George. Houraney

    Amazing how the dog in tar lived. One of best rescues I’ve ever seen. Wish I could give u a thousand dollars but something is better than nothing.


  • Claudine Erlandson

    Bless your heart for your great work!

  • Nelie

    I was in tears watching the video you guys are God send to help the voiceless that is why i am donating monthly i give what ive got God bless you all and the animals

  • Val Kerry

    What Wonderfull People out there !!!!!!! A BIG THANKYOU TO YOU ALL XX

  • rama mohana rao tanuku

    Unbelievable service to animals. I got tears in my eyes.


    C’est prodigieux ! Merci !!!!

  • Sarah

    Thank you SO much for the incredible work you do. This brought tears to my eyes! Thank God you found her and helped her.

  • Tara hollas

    As ever thank you and god bless all the people who help these wonderful animals. You warm my heart

  • Kate

    I think what Animal Aid does is fantastic. I did give some money to help and also in honor or Sachin, a dog I used to take care of.It was the year anniversary of his death and it seemed a good thing to give to help other dogs in India. Sachin and a very pampered life in the US-if only alls ohs in India and everywhere could be as lucky. Thank you for all you do.I see the rescues on One Green Planet and they are so moving.

  • reine costello

    You are some of the most wonderful people on the planet for all the work that you do. God Bless you all

  • lindy meltzer

    you guys are a constant source of inspiration to the animals and humans alike

  • Denise and Asher

    We love Animal Aid Unlimited.

    We also loved Asha’s rescue.
    Thank you to everyone who helped her.
    We have sent a donation.

    Much Love
    Denise and Asher in the UK

  • Rena Renee Cantway

    I shudder to think that instead of going into the drum herself, that someone dumped her in there! Thank God for Animal Aid Unlimited! I am happy to continue donating to such a wonderful rescue group!

  • Pam Covington

    Bless you for all you do! You never give up. You do so much with so little. I will continue to help support you with money as I have in the past. Can you use donations other than money? Medical supplies? Blankets? Please let me know.

  • Linda

    Such tenderness – never giving up no matter how bad the situation. I want to move to India and help! She is beautiful – send her to me!

  • Carole Sipos

    bless your hearts

  • Hollie Hollon

    OMG…………………..humans can be so cruel,vile,evil and sadistic.Thank the Lord for agencies like AAU who do so much to make a huge difference in this insane world for so many animals and we THANK YOU ALL. That is why I donate to them and I hope a lot more people would do the same.


  • PJ Masters

    Thank You for being such caring compassionate people. I’m so far away but I always watch your rescues share them and donate when I can. The world is a kinder place thanks to all you beautiful caring souls.

    Burbank, CA

  • Barbara Smolinski


  • frances

    Asha is in a good environment free from that ordeal! Kind and caring staff came just in time and this video which looked so hopeless is a lesson that if we do find ourselves in this kind of tar accident, get vegetable oil and warm it by rubbing the tar off. So glad this worked for Asha!

  • Ruth Ludgater

    Another precious animal brought back from the brink of death. What a fabulous rescue team always going above and beyond to save animals in dire situations.

  • Diane

    You rare so beautiful,people. the dogs in Udaipur are so lucky to havé you .

  • Eileen Rice

    What an amazing group of wonderful people you Are! I am in tears following your journeys in helping and rescuing these innocent animals from the perils they face everyday just to survive THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!! I am already a supporter of your wonderful organization , but we all need to do more…which I promise, I for one WILL DO!!! Much love to all of you Please keep up your wonderful, compassionate work!

  • Ruth Brown

    You at Animal Aid Unlimited are all heroes. You tackle the most difficult situations and nothing seems to daunt you. I am so impressed by the patience, gentleness, kindness and love you all show to the animals that would otherwise perish in miserable circumstances. You are a special group of people and the planet needs more like you. I love you all.

  • maggie geddes

    Thank you for this amazing rescue of the beautiful Asha. She is well named in Hindi (Hope) because if you had not rescued her when you did she would have died from dehydration alone and totally helpless. I think AAU is the most amazing rescue organisation. you do so much with so little for these precious Animals and your care and compassion is undeniable. I find your videos heart-breaking but when you and all the team nurse these Animal’s back to health it is worth all the pain they endured. Love to everyone at AAU and to the beautiful Asha. I do donate regularly.

  • Nick

    Can I Adopt her? if so please contact me.

  • Vijetha Shetty

    You guys are doing a great job…please continue spreading love and help to the animals who are really in need of….you guys are true inspiration…

  • Jon

    Thank you for doing this! They all need us. I am happy to donate!

  • Fiona

    I have tears in my eyes after watching the wonderful rescue of Asha – Your work is truly inspirational! please keep spreading the word that it is right & OK to care…thankyou.

  • Manoj kumar

    You not only rescue animals but shows that humanity still exists.

  • Magdalena

    I don’t know what to say anymorwe,you guys are such an amazing,organization,each one of you with an heart of gold.your love and care is Fantastic.Thank God you exist,and you can do so much for this little angels.May God bless you all and the little Angel.My heart goes to them,and my thanks and appreciation to all of you.Love you guys,be bless,and may God keep you all strong to help all the needy animals around you.Amen.

  • Yanti widjaja

    How can i donate, my country indonesia not in the list.

  • Asen

    I am a Chinese.I saw a video in an application ,and in the end of this video I found your website . l just wanna express my admiration for you .thank you.

  • Tori

    You set an example for the entire world. We all should care as deeply about the suffering of animals as our non-human brothers. So many “rescue” agencies would have euthanized this dog instead of spending the time and care that you have. You all bring tears to my eyes. I simply cannot donate enough to equal the love I feel for all your staff and volunteers. Thank you so much!

  • Bessie Palsule

    Nothing but love and support for your organization, all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio!

  • Judy Keutsch

    What a sad sad story, many many tears. You are amazing people as are the animals you rescue. You can see the trust they have for you and their desire to live. Has been a sad week here as my Sister had to put her beloved pet down and we witnessed right at our front window an adorable racoon. On further observation realized he was ill. He had Distemper, a horrible disease. Animal Care and Control came and had to put him down. My hope is he had a gentle Death and does not have to suffer anymore. There is money needed so many places, but I will figure out soon what I can send. Wish I could be there I would hug you all, fur Babies included.

  • Jenny

    During my vacation I Found a homeless dog that was full of scabs on her body, limping because she was so weak. On her right thigh shows a bald spot that looks like from a heat stamp. This dog was abused. I fed this dog all through out my vacay. I could not go to the airport thinking no one is going to rescue the dog. I had to cancel my flight took the dog to the vet. Dog was infested with mange, worms etc. I named her Gals. She is still at the vet hospital healing. Getting strong and hoping I can take home with me.

  • Evelyn Lennon

    I am so moved by the affection​ shown these poor animals,and I am amazed they don’t try to bite.I guess they know by the tone in your voices, that you are there to help them. The dog in the bus with mange, and the dog in the street with his ear eaten off made me happy’ someone loves and truely cares.All of you show your love by just rubbing them or petting them when they are most friegten.I can’t donate, if I could, I would come their and help somehow.Best Wishes to all of you who care for them.You are their VOICE.

  • pianka

    After watching the videos i cant express how much gratitude i fe for you guys. All of u are amazing and i pray to god for blessings for you all.. Thnk you for taking up such a noble cauae.. I will definetly donate for your foundation.. Pleae keep up with thw great work.
    Also if there is anyway to transfer donations online..plz let me know.

  • YI Jimmy

    You are so kind and nice.Thanks for saving these dogs’ life and reliefing their souls!You are dog angel,I’ll try my best to help you!

  • Darla Dean

    I am so grateful to be a monthly donor and support your incredible work… I hope I can raise awareness for your team of Angels … Facebook is a wonderful resource for this !

  • Akash

    Speechless 🙂

  • Kayra

    A great Team Work.. Thumbs Up (Y).. 🙂

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