Animal Aid Unlimited’s blog is your chance to join us on our rescues, in the heartwarming recoveries, and amazing stories of action for animals on a day-to-day basis. We welcome you to take a peek inside the daily life of one of India’s busiest rescue centers to see just who the beautiful animals are, follow the journey of their healing, and learn how we inspire the community to help save street animals.

Dog turned rock-solid in a tar drum rescued

Watch the incredible rescue of the sweetest dog trapped in a barrel of tar where she was glued inside.

8 life-saving rescues by real-life heroes

Watch the heartwarming rescue of 8 street animals as they are saved from very harrowing circumstances.

Cat with wings flies to California!

Brenda fell in love with Billy, a paralyzed kitten we rescued from Udaipur. She spent weeks nursing him back to health and mobility, and when it was time for Brenda to go back home, she wasn't [...]

Saving “nuisance” dogs from harm

Weekly rabies vaccination and education camps help protect street dogs labeled a "nuisance" from harm

Slum-dweller in India shares food with street dogs

Despite his children having no shoes and a few rags for blankets, this family shares their home, and food, with street dogs.


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