Hear From Volunteers

“We have been thankful to witness animals making sound progress, thanks to the inspiring and dedicated work of a truly wonderful team. I have cried my eyes out on my last day and cannot wait to return. Without question, working at Animal Aid has been one of the best things I’ve ever done!” David and Leah, U.K. , November 2013

“Being here has given me my passion back in many ways and I am certain again after some time of doubt that I want to become a vet. This place has taught me that you really can make a difference.” Stina Boroe – Norway – September, 2009

“There was so much work being done. The amount achieved with your funds and staff is amazing. Thank you for allowing us to assist you with your work in some small way. This past week has been so much for me: inspiring, motivating, confronting, heart-breaking, challenging and fulfilling.” Zarah Kerley – Australia – February, 2011

“When I see them happy with their tails wagging, I’m not thinking about work, or family. I’ve left everything behind. Just coming to Animal Aid, my mind doesn’t wander; I talk to the animals constantly. It’s therapeutic. It’s visually stunning. Everything is green and lush, it’s a feast for the eyes.” Sinduja Rajan, Bangalore, India, August 2013

“The staff were so gentle and caring and very open and friendly with volunteers. I learned so much about animal care, Indian culture, and life in general by spending just two weeks here. Wish it were longer.” Mary Beth Hall – Victoria, BC, Canada – February, 2011

“Truly heartlifting and inspirational. You have my total respect. Thank you!” Liz Hall, Aug, 2009

“Words are not enough for experiences like this- the depth of quality is immeasurable…I am so thankful…it has truly been life-changing. Amber Evens, Baltimore, USA, Sept. 2012

“The care and love given to every animal by every member of the team was beautiful. So happy to see such great work being done and how brilliant the team is here. I’m blown away by their commitment. I will be back.” Sally Taylor – Salisbury, England – January, 2010

“You are doing more than humanly possible to make a difference to the welfare of animals in Udaipur. I hope your wonderful work spreads throughout India. Everyone here is compassionate and gentle.” Jane Urquhart – County Kerry, Ireland – October, 2009

Natasha and Girly

“I had a thoroughly enjoyable two weeks here. It is a fantastic cause, helping the needy street animals who are out there on their own under very difficult circumstances. While the animals have various injuries and illnesses, the overwhelming feel of Animal Aid is one of positivity. The animals are in the best place where they get care, shelter, food, and love. The animals seem genuinely happy, which is a testament to the great work being done by everyone at Animal Aid. It was a pleasure to be part of it for two weeks.” David “Cammy” Cameron – Glasgow, UK – February, 2010

“It changed the way I look at life. Love while you can!” Ilsa Hess – Sacramento, CA, USA – December, 2010

Linda O’Connor, New Zealand, volunteer in August, 2011, is pictured here assisting in the dressing of a wound on a donkey.

“LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE… I didn’t realise the afternoon I spoke to Jim (Co-Founder) that the next three and half weeks volunteering at Animal Aid would be the richest and most rewarding in my life so far. From the first day, thanks to the supportive staff, I saw what I could do to help and was able to do it. The dedicated and skilled staff enthralled me daily. My advice to volunteers is to observe and then do what you know you can that will fit in and be helpful to the staff that do this every day. Be prepared to be challenged and to fall in love over and over. I learnt much and gave all I could but it doesn’t equate with what I received. Animal Aid gave me the greatest gift of all to be useful and to lose myself in love. Until next time I carry you in my heart.” Linda O’Connor – New Zealand – August, 2011

“All I see is hope and love given in wonderful ways everyday. Life is too short for the love you give.” Paul Williams – Victoria, BC, Canada – February, .2011 “What I have achieved till now, my thoughts expansion, Animal Aid is among the primary initiators to bring about a change in me, and to hold a distinctive identity…!” Amritha Mohankumar – Udaipur, India “Amazing project. Wish I had more time to volunteer. Remarkable.” Carouna Aparicio – Los Angeles, CA – April, 2009

Chris (UK) and Beautiful. After weeks of intensive love giving Chris won Beautiful over. She was hit by a car, had a spinal injury, and was EXTREMELY depressed. Chris give her the will to live again. She is now a permanent resident of AA. She runs and plays all day long with her injuries and bad memories long behind her!

“Very positive experience. The wonder of spending time with a frightened animal and gaining its trust is a special memory. Terribly difficult to leave, have become very attached to many dogs. My views on euthanizing disabled animals has changed seeing some of the happy paralyzed dogs here. I have really enjoyed getting to know the staff and I am very impressed with their care. Another bonus is the beautiful countryside… will never forget this experience and I hope to be back.” Louise Miller – Australia – April, 2008

“Really inspirational work.” Emma Freeman – Brighton, UK – August, 2009

Satu (Finland) and a beautiful baby pig that came in with a dog bite. Lucky we got her back to her mom before too long

“I loved being able to give care and attention to everyone, but especially the cows. I know they have had a hard life and it’s so nice they have somewhere caring to be during their troubles or even last days.” Michelle Williams – Victoria, BC, Canada – February, 2011

“Absolutely incredible experience. I felt we saved a skinny mother’s life by encouraging her to feed with some love. I hadn’t cried for at least a year before I came here and it was the most moving but incredible experience I have had in a long time. It is an amazing thing that you are doing for all these animals. I will be back, but this time for longer.” Persephone Rose – England – January, 2011

“I wasn’t sure what to expect coming here, but the veterinary care of the animals is excellent. The entire staff is so compassionate with the animals and excellent at handling them (this is not always the case in the USA). Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your organization.” Dr. Carrie Daly – Hongkong – July, 2009

“I had a wonderful experience at Animal Aid. I received a warm welcome and the staff was just open and friendly from day one. The way everybody cares about the animals is incredible. Though seeing some of the injuries is not easy, sometimes it is amazing to witness and be a part of doing the very best to help each and every animal here. The staff, other volunteers, and of course the animals, have touched my heart. I will take home wonderful memories and hope to come back. “ Julia Kramer – Germany – June, 2009

Sharon (UK) and Henry. Sharon single handedly saved the lives of 2 beautiful dogs while she was at Animal Aid, Henry and Foxy. As well as touching the lives of many, many others.

“This experience made me feel at home in India.” Caroline Roseborough – Wellington, FL, USA – January, 2011 “The staff is dedicated and unbelievably compassionate.” Skye Tucker – Edmonds, WA, USA – December, 2010

“You must know as I write this, tears well up in my eyes. I feel proud and honered to have been able to make a small difference, and to help you in your most heroic quest to heal, rehabilitate all the injured, sick, and homeless animals of Udaipur. You are all my heroes and I love you all so much. You will always be in our hearts. Keep up the good fight.” David La Piana – Belgrave, Vic, Australia – November, 2010

“Thank you for the opportunity to help!” Dawn Baugh – Folsom, CA. – August, 2009

“It is amazing how much love and attention each and every animal gets. The staff are amazing. It has been a fantastic experience.” Hannah Walker – UK – June, 2009

Belinda Carlisle (US) and her donkey fans. That’s right! thee Belinda Carlisle from the Go Go’s is a regular volunteer at Animal Aid!

“I am absolutely devastated to say goodbye to the beautiful dogs here…the only thing that makes it easier to go is knowing that they will be loved and looked after during their stay at Animal Aid.” Charlotte Cohen – Kallista, Australia – November, 2010

“It really meant a lot to me to see your awe-inspiring project, and to be able to contribute…Love, love, love, love, love to all your animals!” Virginia Holmes – Conway, MA, USA – February, 2011

“It’s been an intense few weeks but we’ve had an amazing time and most importantly we felt like we made a real difference, that we wouldn’t get in most other places. I hope Animal Aid goes from strength to strength…” Sarah Williams – England – March, 2011

“This place warms my heart.” Elzbicta Kaczorowska – Stockholm, Sweden – October, 2009

“Thank you for spreading your love. Beautiful.” Megan Prost – Vancouver BC Canada – October, 2009

Claire C. (US) brightened the day of so many puppies during her stay at Animal Aid. She went so far as to brighten the whole life of one special boy (Ajay on her left) who she took home to the States with her!

“Thanks for making me feel so welcome and at home during my 3 weeks here. It has certainly been a very different experience for me and a far cry from my usual veterinary work! But I have enjoyed every minute and am glad to have been able to help out some of the puppies! I will definitely do my best to come back soon and do it all again!” Dr. Sarah Warren – NWS, Australia – March, 2011

“Thank you for treating animals as if they were humans.” Santiago Vilayecer, November, 2009

“While the hospital itself does a fantastic service for the animals of Udaipur (after all, where else would injured street dogs and cows, etc, go?) what really made this experience and this place a special one were the people. The staff of the hospital have an enthusiasm and optimism (read: fun and sense of humor) that have been rare in my experience in the work place. It was this that made coming to work every day not only something I felt was important, but something to look forward to.” C. Phillips – New Jersey, USA – September, 2006

Heather (US), making the day of a dog recovering from the skin condition “mange.”

“Words can’t describe the goodness in the hearts of all these people.” Jesse Rosenfeld- Melbourne Australia – December, 2009

“The time spent here has been extremely rewarding and I hope to return at a later date. As a teacher I hope to bring a group of my pupils here and volunteer in the summer. I also hope to organize some fund-raising at my school on behalf of Animal Aid through dog sponsorship. If anyone is considering volunteering at Animal Aid, I wouldn’t hesitate to say, “Do it!” It’s a cliché, but in the act of giving at Animal Aid I have received far more. I am forever in their debt. It has given my trip to India extra meaning.” James Johnson – Worksop, UK – September, 2010